For the Good of the Game

MAYSA Kindergarten Program

Attitudes Are Contagious

These outstanding videos were produced by the Mass Youth Soccer Association (Massachusetts). They are focused on the issues of sideline behavior of adults, and specifically on how that behavior is affecting the retention of qualified referees.

Part One

Part Two

The following is excerpted from 'MAYSA and Reddan Soccer Park's Spirit of the Game':

Spectating is more fun when you

  1. Know the Laws of the Game, including special adaptations and specific rules for any event or tournament.
  2. Appreciate hard work and quality of play over winning and trophies. Cheer for great plays and hustle, by either team.
  3. Set your own best example. Take the high road regardless of how others behave.
  4. Overcome obstacles. View adversity of any kind as a learning, parenting or mentoring opportunity and not a reason to complain.
  5. HAVE FUN! This is why kids play the game. In many surveys, asked why they play, “Winning” isn’t even among the Top 10 reasons.

Please share this page with the adults in your club, along with
'MAYSA's Recommendations for Sideline Behaviors'.

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