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2015 Reddan Toe Bash Invitational

Manager's Checklist

For all tournament Forms & Documents, click here.

Reddan Soccer Park Rules

Please review and communicate to all tournament participants.

Manager's Checklist
printable Checklist

Pre-tournament, please collect the following:

☐   (IF COMING FROM OUT-OF-STATE) A 'Permission to Travel' form from your State association
  • See 'Out of State Teams', left green column, for more information.
  • Not needed from Wisconsin teams!
☐   Current US Youth Soccer Player Pass Cards for ALL PARTICIPANTS
  • Player pass cards come from your state association/district or club.
  • MAYSA Recreational teams should contact MAYSA to obtain player pass cards.
    Note: PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED to obtain pass cards.
☐   A current copy of your US Youth Soccer 'approved' Team Roster
  • Team rosters come from your state association/district or club.
  • A copy of your roster MUST BE LEFT with tournament officials at check-in.
☐   A US Youth Soccer Guest Player Form, if bringing Guest Players
  • Players from your club are 'Club Passing' and are not considered Guest Players (unless state level and above.)
  • Players from a different club are 'Guest Players'. Obtain a Guest Player roster from WYSA (or YOUR STATE ASSOCIATION) website (see Forms & Documents above.)
    Limit of 'Guest' Players: 3.
☐   Signed WISCONSIN Release of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment forms for ALL PARTICIPANTS
  • Use current form only, (see Forms & Documents above.)
  • Forms for all players are shown at registration, and will be returned. They should be on-hand at all games.


☐   Review Tournament Rules and Field Locations
  • Download documents (see Forms & Documents above), print for team as necessary.
☐   Parking Passes - see 'PARKING', left
  • All Reddan and Badger Prairie Park parking requires a pass on Saturday and Sunday. Carpool if you can!
  • Parking passes are available at a discount online, up to a week prior to the event. After that, they can be gotten at the MAYSA office until Friday night of the tournament.
☐   Check in your team! Options:
  • Wed,Thurs,Fri before tournament at the MAYSA office 9-5 (Fri 9-3)
  • During tournament, Reddan Soccer Park, at least 1 hour prior to first game
☐   Documents to bring to check-in:
  • Your State Association approved "Application to Travel" form (for NON-WISCONSIN Teams only.)
  • Copy of US Youth Soccer approved Team Roster (& Guest player form if applicable.)
  • Current US Youth Soccer player pass cards for all players in 'competitive' sanctioned tournaments.
  • WYSA Release of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment forms (or equivalent) for all players.
  • Emergency contact information for manager and/or coach while attending the tournament.

Thank you for all you do for your team!

Toe Bash

Many thanks to the Sponsors of Reddan Soccer Park!