For the Good of the Game

MAYSA Kindergarten Program

Spirit of the Game

Click HERE to view 'MAYSA's Recommendations for Sideline Behaviors'.

All events, tournaments, games and other activities sponsored by MAYSA and hosted at Reddan Soccer Park rely heavily on the “Spirit of the Game”.
What is the Spirit of the Game?

The Spirit of the Game is an emphasis on sportsmanship, fun, respect-for-all and quality of play over winning, rivalries or trophies. Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the rules and the basic enjoyment of participating.


-but not taunting, dangerous aggression, foul language, dissent to the referee, intimidation or other ‘win-at-all-costs’ behavior. Such actions are contrary to the Spirit of the Game.

All players, coaches and spectators set their own best example of positive behavior on the field and along the sidelines-- everyone helps everyone else enjoy the day and the match.

Positive support

-watching tempers, modulating voices, carefully considering the consequences of words and actions. Within competition, hard fouls may be committed and close calls are made in tight games. If you initiate or contribute to the unraveling of the Spirit of the Game, the concept falls apart quickly.

Click HERE to view 'MAYSA's Recommendations for Sideline Behaviors'.

MAYSA and Reddan Soccer Park encourages and expects everyone to do the following within Spirit of the Game:

  1. Know the Laws of the Game, including special adaptations and specific rules for any event or tournament.
  2. Appreciate hard work and quality of play over winning and trophies. Cheer for great plays and hustle, by either team.
  3. Set your own best example. Take the high road regardless of how others behave.
  4. Overcome obstacles. View adversity of any kind as a learning, parenting or mentoring opportunity and not a reason to complain.
  5. HAVE FUN! This is why kids play the game. In many surveys, asked why they play, “Winning” isn’t even among the Top 10 reasons.

Spirit of the Game is

good competition


and most importantly,


MAYSA and Reddan Soccer Park offer rules & policies that we believe are within the scope of Spirit of the Game. Under unique or unforeseen circumstances not covered under rules or policies, MAYSA and Reddan Soccer Park will make decisions driven by Spirit of the Game and thank all participants, in advance, for their cooperation and understanding.

Click HERE to view 'Attitudes are Contagious!', an excellent video about being a spectator.

Click HERE to view 'MAYSA's Recommendations for Sideline Behaviors'.

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